About us

MJK Development & Pitch Construction

Welcome to MJK, a dedicated company with extensive expertise in construction, installation, and the development of cutting-edge sport-surface systems. With a long-standing legacy, we take pride in offering complete sport surfaces tailored to a variety of sports, setting new standards of innovation and excellence within the sports industry.

Our reputation is built on the pillars of unparalleled product quality, technical prowess, and personalized service. We are committed to maintaining this reputation by continuously dedicating ourselves to the development of groundbreaking new products and the enhancement of our existing offerings.

At MJK, we strive to create an exceptional experience for our clients, providing top-notch solutions that not only meet but exceed their expectations. Join us on our journey of pushing boundaries and delivering transformative sport surfaces that elevate performance and redefine the game.

Experience the power of MJK’s innovation – where passion meets precision, and possibilities know no bounds. Choose MJK for your sports surface needs of pitch constructions and let us take your vision to new heights.

Member of

1- Chamber of Commerce, Agriculture, and Industry

2- Board Member of Lebanese Green Building Council
3- Board Member of Lebanese Dutch Business Association
4- International Tennis Association ( ITA )
5- Professional Tennis Registry ( PTR)
6- International Tennis Federation ( ITF )

Our References

-Saint Joseph School at Cornet Chehwan – 5500 m

-Fouad Chehab Stadium

-Eleven Football Pro-Zouk Mosbeh

-4 B. CO. Project – Saida – 1490 m2
-International School of Choueifat Amman – Jordan 11000 m2
-Qatar Projects – South Lebanon – 3500 m2
-FIFA Football Court at SAFA Club – 9000 m2
-Ehden Zgharta Parish Football Court and Running Track – 8000 m2

More than three hundred sport courts are built from “A” to “Z” all over the Lebanese territories.