MJK Development & Pitch Construction

At MJK, we take immense pride in the numerous strides we’ve made in this industry to bolster our services and ensure utmost customer satisfaction. Our commitment to excellence is evident through the following endeavors:

1.Building & Sport Consultancy: We offer top-notch consultancy services, catering to both pitch construction and sports-related projects, to assist our clients in achieving their goals.

2.Global Importer, Exporter & Installer: As a worldwide entity, we handle the import, export, and installation of a wide array of surface products, delivering quality solutions across borders.

3.Exclusive DecoTurf Agent: Being the exclusive agent for DecoTurf, a division of California Products Corporation, the foremost supplier of acrylic sport surfacing systems globally, we bring cutting-edge offerings to the market.

4.Greenfields Partnership: We proudly represent Greenfields, an esteemed Netherlands-based company with extensive expertise in the development, manufacturing, pitch construction, and installation of innovative synthetic turf systems. This partnership allows us to collaborate closely with leading sports bodies, enabling us to provide valuable support during sports projects’ development.

5.Comprehensive Indoor and Outdoor Solutions: Our services encompass complete solutions for both indoor and outdoor sports facilities, ensuring that every aspect is meticulously addressed.

6.Court Equipment and Accessories: We offer a diverse range of court equipment and accessories, ensuring that our clients have access to the finest sporting gear.

7.Holistic Playground Designs: We specialize in creating complete playground designs, including pitch construction, kid’s sports and modular systems, fostering safe and enjoyable environments for children.

Through these initiatives, we continually strive to enhance the sports industry, catering to diverse needs and setting new benchmarks for quality and innovation.